The Soul Rune Series


The world is changing. Magic is on the rise. A rebellion is taking root. A witch is trying to resurrect her long lost love. Kylan Whitestone has been sent to a foreign land, seeking hidden knowledge to build the greatest empire the world has ever seen. Will he betray his country and follow his heart? Or sacrifice his friends and the love he’s long dreamed of but never thought possible?

A leaf shaped earring in blue and orange flames.


They came from different backgrounds, yet they found peace in each other. All his life, Kylan was told that emotions are useless. But now, he needed them to master the greatest form of fire. Alana struggled with her fire ability, but with the help of a great master, she learned everything she needed to.

A woman with long black hair in a blue dress with the moon in the background.

When The Blue Moon Rises

They took away her dreams. They took away her future. All she had left was hope. Will she be strong enough to stop her enemies before they destroy the world?