I believe in transparency and value for money.  I offer a mixture of developmental and line edits for a flat rate based on the size of your written work: 

  • Short stories (up to 10k words) – $200.
  • Longer short stories (up to 20k words) – $400.
  • Novelette (up to 30k words) – $600.
  • Novella (up to 40k words) – $800.
  • Novella plus (up to 50k words) – $1000.
  • Novel (up to 75k words) – $1500.
  • Novel plus (up to 110k words) – $2200. 
  • Novel extra (up to 130k words) – $2600.
  • For novels over 130k words, contact me for pricing.

For more information, and discount options please contact me

Why is editing expensive?
One of the main reasons is time. An editor doesn’t just read the manuscript like a reader. It’s a deeper read, slower, and often requires re-reading longer sections.
While making the suggestions, the developmental editor needs to keep in mind the author’s dreams, the genre expectation, industry standards, and most importantly, needs to make sure that the author’s unique voice is shining through by the end.
A problem has multiple solutions. A developmental editor often suggests more than one so the author can take the direction most fitting for the manuscript. Again, it takes time to think through multiple options and pick the best ones for the book.

Additional information:

  • Turnaround times will be decided on a case-by-case basis and are negotiable.
  • The edits can be done on Microsoft Word with tack changes or Google Docs.
  • All prices are in USD.