Developmental Editing

As a writer, I know how important it is to have a developmental editor look at our work. 

If you feel like your plot is missing something, or you wrote yourself into a corner and need another set of eyes, a developmental editor can help.

When your characters fall flat and you don’t know how to make them more vibrant, or no matter what you do, your dialogue sounds off, you can ask a developmental editor for help.

Who is it for?

For everyone who is still early in the process.  Developmental editing comes right after you finished and self edited your manuscript, but before line editing.

What does it include?

I’ll look at plot, characters, dialogue, pacing, flow, and world building. I’ll point out your strengths and weaknesses while offer solutions to strengthen your writing.

It also includes a detailed editorial letter with an overall assessment.

Why work with me?

My service is a mixture of developmental and line editing. While I won’t do an in depth line-by-line edit, I’ll dive in deeper, giving you suggestions how to strengthen the narration beyond the typical developmental edits. It includes pointing out repeated words, filler words, filtering, flow and readability.

Contact me to see if I’m the right fit for your project. I also offer discounts for packages that include two or more of the services below.

I work with most genres,

but my strength lies in romance and fantasy. All sub genres are welcomed! If you have a spicier piece,  I’ll work with erotica and kinky fiction too. 

I’m probably not the best fit for:

picture books, middle grade, Christian or religious fiction, academic assignments, and nonfiction 

My services doesn’t include proofreading.

If you need a proofreader, I recommend you reach out to Susan Boylan. She’s super kind, professional, and the best. I worked with her on my own projects, including my novels, short stories, and occasionally, even my newsletter.

You can find her here.